TeraMusu adheres to the strictest rules and regulations transpiring from international anti money laundering and countering financing of terror regulations. Compliance with these regulation is at the heart of the know your client proceedings.

Once a client makes a deposit, he will be asked to provide the following documents within 72 hours:

  • A Primary Identification Document – A recognized document stating the client’s full name alongside his picture. Identity card, passport or a driving license (where used as primary identification document) are viable for submission.
  • An Official Utility Bill – For confirming the client’s address, send a bill from a globally recognized institution such as a bank statement, utility bill, affidavit or any official document that is not older than 3 months.
  • For Credit Card Deposits – A copy of the actual credit or debit card used for funding the account. The copy will show the client’s name, the card’s expiry date and the first six and last four digits of its number. The client will conceal any other details. The client will also send a copy of the back of the credit card, showing his signature. Additionally, the client will fill and sign a designated form.
  • A Signed Deposit Confirmation – A confirmation of the deposit from the bank or credit card company.

As long as a client is registered as such in TeraMusu’s records, the client will inform us about any changes to his personal details. TeraMusu may, from time to time, ask the client for additional details or documentation for verifying his identity.

If a client’s identification documents are written in a non-western language, the client will serve an official, signed, sealed and stamped English translation of the documents. For more information and inquiries, please contact our compliance team via

Prevention of Fraud Policy

Fraudulent activity of any kind will not be tolerated. Any attempt to defraud TeraMusu will be met with dire consequences, including without limitation, payments reversal, chargeback and barring a client from executing transactions. TeraMusu will take measures against fraudulent activity by, inter alia, closing or suspending a client’s account and by providing information about such client to his bank or credit card company, as applicable. TeraMusu shall take further measures such as closing or cancelling arbitrage transactions, particularly if the quotes are contrasting or not at market prices. TeraMusu reserves the right to withhold and void all of client’s funds should it have a reason to believe the funds were received in the realm of fraudulent action or activity. The clients will not contact other clients or provide them with information, offer them services or make any other offers without a prior written consent from TeraMusu.


TeraMusu reserves the right to request from customers any additional documents for proof of identity.