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A tradable financial instrument, CFD allows you to take a position on an underlying asset: shares, indices, commodities and currencies. In a fast-moving global financial market, the contract between you and TeraMusu allows trading on price movements without having to own the underline asset.

Once you set a position, a Contract for Difference is a great method for hedging losses or for bolder moves aimed at gaining market leverage. The profits or losses are determined by the difference between the time of opening a position and the time a position is closed.



Cost Effective
CFDs offer exposure to markets at a small percentage of the cost of owning the underlying asset. The financial instrument costs a fraction of the underlying asset price and offers great leverage opportunities.
World Wide Access
TeraMusu offers a variety of CFDs alongside worldwide participation and exposure to major financial markets. All your activity is consolidated in a single account on our trading platform for your benefit.
Agile and Fast
A fast-moving financial instrument, CFDs call for an efficient and agile trading platform that is available across digital devices allowing trade from anywhere and at any time financial markets are active.
Diverse and Concur
CFDs could be applied to a wide range of underlying assets such as major indices, stocks, currency pairs and commodities. Diversify your portfolio by carefully selecting the asset that suits you most.
Trade CFDs free of commission
Free of commissions and charges, dozens of trades are available for
trading on a variety of assets